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The Next Norman Kamaru?!

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*Yawn* It’s been a loong time since my last login to blogger, kinda embarrassing hehe.
Ya know, I was busy with jobs and cases. Work, Work, Work, but now I’m free again!  :D
Well, today we’ll talking about Norman kamaru’s (probably, and hopefully) Successor!?
I hope you still remember about Norman Kamaru, a Bripda(=Kind of policeman with rank higher than normal police)  who became popular because of his “Chaiya-Chaiya” lip-sync on Youtube! XD (See my previous post). He is no longer Bripda now, (Sorry, I dunno “Bripda” in English :P)  but he still popular ya know, haha.

Probably most of you already knew about this Kamaru’s (hopefully and probably) Successor, His name is Saiful Bachri, popular with nickname “PolTeng”, or Polisi Ganteng (=Handsome Policeman), and like Norman Kamaru, he is also a Bripda (Coincidence?) Wow another guy from police! Did they recruited only handsome guys and girls to their troops only?! Questionable! But hopefully not! :P.

:: UPDATE :: a new news just coming in! There is some policeman who created their own boyband! Now I’m questioning Indonesia Police Institute! Uh this boyband thing spread like Swine Flu in Indonesia! Almost 85% bands in Indonesia are now consisted from Boyband and Girlband! Korean dramas surely hypnotized Indonesian teens! Man I miss the old stuff… a simple band with awesome song and voice! Not some weird bands consisting more than 7 personals (Man this is a BAND of a Troops Pack!) lip-synced  and only rely on their cute faces to attract crowds!

So how this guy became so damn popular?!
Well, all of these popularities was begin by “accident” from The Famous Micro Blogging “”, where some “unknown” persons posted the photos of Saiful on Twitter then the photos spread like a frickin’ Bird Flu Disease in everywhere.  This is similar to Norman’s case right? Haha, No. It’s totally different, because Saiful didn’t do anything other than got his photos stolen and *cough* illegally *cough* spread inside Twitter. Unlike Norman who became popular by lip-synced “Chaiya-Chaiya” Song Comedically. Seems to be a matter of time for Saiful to be a celebrity right?

Then What makes this Bachri-guy become a hit?! Well help yourself with these photos ‘kay?
You’ll understand WHAT am I saying:

Yes, yes,yes some reason why he became so popular are because he got good looks, Cool voice, and handsome, and good looks, and good body build (+ point for ladies out there :D) and handsome, and... I mean look at his face! Cute huh? Haha. Mostly like Norman, a now-celebrity  who started his career accidently by comedically lip-synced a song on Youtube.

Another reason is because he got good personality, everybody loves kind person right?. He grew and study in a Pesantren (= School of Koranic studies for children, young peoples, and most of whom are boarders). Which makes him knew a lot of thing about Islam. He also a kind, and polite guy, but shy and have innocent looks, which makes him more cute and appealing to girls and gays(?) out there :D .

 Another reason is because he is a Bripda. Why? Well, looks like Indonesian Girls (and Gays [?]) have some interests on “police-army guy” lately. Not some young, rich businessman or Soccer player, Lol. And now he’s joined some personality-training, probably he wanna get rid of his shyness and train to be more comfortable and optimist when talking in front of cameras, hehe cute.

Well, Will this mean that Bripda Saiful be “The Next Norman Kamaru”?!, Nobody knows!, all we can do is just sit tight and watch TV’s lol. But I hope he won’t throw away his Bripda rank, and won’t try to be a celebrity like Norman. Being a celebrity isn’t easy ya know. Must think about fame, your looks, your damn haircut, your fame, your voice, your outfits, your damn fame (again), your cars, your fame(again), what you eat, your hobbies, etc, etc...

Ah man! If you can’t handle it, you’ll broke man. Cuz’ being celebrity means lots of money going to out! If you succeed, that’ll be cool, But if Not?! Then you can say goodbye to your dream as Briptu and as a Celebrity.

Also don’t forget about gossip, All of your private life and secrets will be studied, and absolutely revealed! And don’t forget ‘bout those journalists! Once you famous, they’ll follow you like moth attracted to lamp. It’s kinda cool at start, but you’ll annoyed by it soon! Even some peoples said journalists like a bloodsucking leeches (pardon the pun), won’t let you go until they sucked out all secrets from you, then leave you dry. Hopefully they wrong! Being journalist is cool though :D

So Saiful my brother, Gotta think before decide ‘kay?! Your still got a long way ahead ya, don’t let it go man, don’t let the feeling go!

Well, as closing you can read Bripda Saiful Bachri’s Biography below.
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Saiful Bachri

Full Name : Saeful Bahri
Birth Place : Subang
Date Of Birth :26 Oktober 1990 (21 yo)
Father : H Encas Solihin (46 yo)
Mother : Dedeh Kurniasih (36 yo)
First son of 3 brothers
Scholarship : SMP-SMA at pesantren cirebon dan Al-Ma’soem Cileunyi Bandung
SPN (sekolah polisi negara) Cisarua Lembang 
height/Weight : 168cm/65 kg
DIvision : Satuan anti huru hara Polrestabes Bandung
Unit : Dalmas
Work Place : Kepolisian Resort Kota Besar , Polrestabes Bandung
Work for : 2 Years until now

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