Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long time no see!

Yo mate!
It's been a looooooooong time since my last blog-post hehe,
Sorry, I was too busy because of those bloody exams and bloody tasks..

Ah well, let's stop the bullshit and here we go!

Ah for now, I don't have any idea,
ah yeah maybe you guys wanna contact me for some ideas or some other reason hehe,
I'll post my contact information:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/James.Yoga.Redfield.Lionheart
Twitter: @redfield_yoga
E-Mail: yoga.lionheart@Gmail.com

sorry, I'll post something when there is any idea in my mind,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This is what I mean by " True Story" Haha

Hey everyone, thanks for coming!
haha Im happy that you read my blog haha, It`s gimme a pleasure or something like that.
Haha well let`s stop the bullshit and here we go!

Today, I will share to all of you, peoples around the world about this cool video!

hyahaha you will know what I mean after watching that video okay?
and yeah the video is absolutely copyrighted by Indonesian People, Mr. Briptun Norman
(except for the music hehe) not everyone else okay?.

I must say that this video is waaaaaaay better than the regular news in TV, I mean 
right now, there are many peoples hurted, annoyed, violated, cheated, but the goverment 
just shut those case and say "everything is under control". 
Bah! I`ll tell ya guys that`s a nonsense.

I mean, In the news they just post the news about criminality, corruption, bank hijacking,

Peoples on the entire country must already bored with this news right? everyday just news about this criminals,
that criminals, those criminals. And the worst thing is, the news reader, read the news like a robot!, they read that
like they don`t have any heart, like they don`t have any feeling, Man I hate Indonesian news! 
I mean just hear them, hearing those burned my brain haha.

But, Im happy that in this world there are some peoples who still realize that this world isn`t
just filled with crime, violation, hunger, like my bro` Mr Briptu Norman haha. And I will give my FULL SUPPORT
to him, whatever happend.

And If you guys think that what Briptu Norman did is the wrong thing, then what do you want?

A.) be a People who just watch same news about crime, injustice, violation, murdering, and those
    kind of bored news. And enjoyed yourself as a heartless, cold-person who enjoyed the same thing
    over- and over.

B.) You accept this kind of video that makes people happy, and know even that what Mr. Briptu Norman
    did is a wrong thing, he will be punished, he still care about peoples around us that forgotten,
    violated, and sad. Then you know that in this world, there is a hope, to free humanity from

So, my dear friends, what do you choose? well It`s up 2 ya actually. I can`t force you to like this right?
But just listen your heart and choose okay?

Now well i have a news for all of you,

few days ago, 
I heard that what Briptu Norman did is a wrong thing and he will be punished, 
And I said to myself," What the hell.., he is innocent! you can`t just did that, you idiot Yoga! 
You must do something!". but too bad I can`t do anything...

But then, a miracle things happend! the Facebook user from indonesia united and they make pages
that showed their support to Briptu Norman, Man that` beautiful...
but beautuful...

Then yesterday, the chief of Briptu Norman`s said that the punisment, canceled.
He said that what Briptu Norman did is a positive thing, and even they ststed that they will support
Briptu Norman`s talent. Hehehe

Man I love good endings.. haha
And I think that`s the end of my journal today,
Thanks for the visit!

James Yoga Redfield Lionheart


Hehe Hey guys welcome to my first blog so it`s still empty all over hahaha

 Oh my pardon me guys,where`s my manner? let me introduce myself first `kay?
Haha let`s begin!
About Me:

* First, my name`s Yoga, well I got many alias `round the cyberspace so maybe you know me through these names:

       * A***e Yoga H*****i
       * Yoga Redfield
       * Yoga Lionheart
       * James Yoga Redfield Lionheart

So if you found that names seems familiar to you, then you musta already know me haha

* Then what`s next? ah yeah,
I born on Monday 4th July 1994 so that`s mean I`m 16 years old now still young but already have some white hair on my head haha. Next July I`ll be 17 years old, so prepare your money to wrap some cool stuff for me!

* I have 2 big families, one in Real Life and the other one in Cyberspace 
   So that`s mean I have almost over 1000+ brothers and sisters haha

* First thing, I`m a Muslim and I'm proud of it. Well that`s doesn`t mean that I don`t care you guys from other religion, don`tcha worry, me always open the big door for you guys so feel free to have fun `round here

* Next one, I live in Indonesia, to be more precisely i live in Yogyakarta Indonesia, one of the famous city in Indonesia,  well they call Yogyakarta "City of Student" but most of us aren`t smart at all especially me haha.

*My hobbies? well let me tell ya some:
 - Eating something healthy like fruit, or raw vegetables ( BUT I`m not a herbivore `kay? )
 - Exercise, Yea this one is my favorite stuff !! because I think that a Man should have at least a firm body,                         not fat or something like that beside that, a muscular body helps you get your date right? haha

 Well that`s enough `bout me, if ya need anything feel free 2 ask