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Sorry guys, I think I left this blog dead or something. Will try to update if I can, otherwise enjoy your stay!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My New Addiction of Game: AMC & RockYou Present; The Walking Dead Social Game

The title says all, ha-ha. For you The Walking Dead Fans out there must already know this game right? Directly adopted from the TV version, The Walking Dead Social Game brings you to join Shane, Greg, Kara and companies to explore the zombie-infested areas, gather supplies to survive, and kill walkers in a cool way! For you who want to play this game right away, CLICK HERE

Well then, for you who don’t know about this game, then allow me to explain!

The Walking Dead Social Game is a Facebook site game which was scheduled to be released in April, 2012, but was released on August 9, 2012. The game allows players (that’s you), to have their own adventures, with opportunities to encounter show characters at key moments suggested by the show’s narrative. The goal of the game is to survive the apocalypse by fighting zombies while scavenging resources and establishing camps based on settings from the show.

The game itself divided in Chapters. The Prequel Chapter is the one you begin with (Chapter 1). Chapter 2 was released on October 13, 2012 with several new features .It introduced full-screen, new weapons, and more. Also morale and intel was removed from the game. In order to play a camp task now, you must have between 6 to 12 energy and a certain amount of supplies. However, Chapter 2 Missions vary in energy cost and in supply amount. With the new energy update, you can now kill walkers and pick up supplies without energy. There are now NPC's in the actual missions and new indoor and outdoor missions. Along with indoor and outdoor missions, you can play in several maps for just 1 mission. Such as Mission 2 - Meet Glenn. You start out in the city streets. Then you go into the parking lot by going over to the end of the road.

Only half of the Chapter 2 Missions were released. It is a good speculation that the second half of Chapter 2 will be released on the Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead TV Series Season 3.

To play Chapter 3 however, we have to wait. Chapter 3 will most likely be released once The Walking Dead TV Series Season 3 comes back on in winter of 2013 after their Mid-Season Break.

Well then let’s move to the gameplay; the gameplay is pretty simple. Just like other “Energy-Based Game” like Farmville, or The Sims Social (Yeah I know, its sucks). The player given role as a survivor, to…well... survive. Gathering supplies, protecting the camp and destroy walkers on the way are your basic mission. Walking from one area to other is easier now, now without cost of energy. When you face the walker, you got two options, run from them, or engage in a fight. Once fight command selected, a crosshair is displayed, you have to click in the right moment or your attack end in a clean miss! Then the walkers attack you, depleting your health. If your health reach zero, it’s GAME OVER! No, don’t worry; you’ll just have to replay the mission Again, there is no Game Over in this game. After you successfully finish a mission, you earn one skill point. You can distribute them to upgrade your character. 

Gameplay Video ( Thanks to for the video)

In some story mission, you can fight alongside your favorite character form the TV series. And if you want some nifty weapons, you can use your dollars (yes we talking about REAL money) to buy them via TV Items in Supplies section. Guaranteed easier, and more fun to use.

Talking about music, the music in The Walking Dead Social Game has been revised for more horror atmosphere. The breath-taking music and sound effect from gun shots, baseball smash to dying scream makes you really be on the game.

But one of the coolest aspects of this social game is the fact that, due to RockYou’s partnership with AMC, they’re actually able to add to the lore of the show. You’ll start off the game with Shane and Lori and meet T-Dog and Morgan too. But you’ll also meet a character in the game pre-transformation who we’ve only seen on the TV show as a Walker. And you’ll find out how they met their fate. “If you saw the webisodes about Bicycle Girl the then you know how this works,” Griffin explained. “We’re taking that same approach. And we’re sprinkling it throughout. And while we still want the game to be about going through the chapters, we’re going to keep that idea going - where you’ll keep meeting some of the key Walkers from the show before they turned. And you might even actually be a part of why or how they became a Walker. It’ll be interesting, with this first chapter, to see how quickly the users will pick up on which character is actually a future Walker on the show in Season 1 when they’re in the camp with them. So we do have a chance to contribute to the lore of the show in that way.”

So let’s just rate the game, shall we?

1.      Cool graphic for flash-based game, The 3D effect makes the game more fun to play also added the horror effect to gameplay.
2.      Interact with character from the original TV series. It’s getting into RPG’s…
3.      Breath-taking music and sound effect, Thanks to RockYou for this.
4.      Synchronization between game with the TV version. This way, you can experience what the other survivor’ dealing with in the TV version. Really Cool!
5.      Dynamic gameplay, combining turn-based action with classic strategy game. Either run or fight the walkers, it’s up to you.

      1. Energy-Based gameplay, which is sucks to us. We don’t need another “Farmville” game 
          style in here. They should allow us to do things without energy limit.

      2. Premium Items; they are every gamers Dream and nightmare. It would be cool if they give  
    us another option to get them without paying the money.
    3. It still in Beta version, which we expecting lots of bugs during gameplay, so don’t smash your screen when your game is suddenly crashed or lag.

Well, I guess that’s all I can write, you can agree with it or not, your choice. Just play the game and tell the developer about it, for myself, they gotta remove that damn energy-thing. That should do it fine. Don’t forget to add me to your buddy list!

Happy Playing! And Stay Alive!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Huge Renovation

Hey everyone! Just finished a huge renovation on this site. Well maybe will be another fixing in this site later, so bear with me ok? Sorry man, I'm still new to this blogger thing!
Well then, with an "unexpected" development on my internet connection, from now I will try to post in here more often.

Please bear with me for an unknown time being. :D

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thank You!

Jus' wanna say, Thanks a lot for your visit! We already reached 150 visitors! XD
Thanks a lot. Never think that my blog would be this popular hehe. The Piracy, a Journey to the Deepest Ocean Of Crime… became the most popular. Thanks a lot for Zimmy, the one who makes this possible and also everyone who involved during the investigation, You guys Rockz!

Who said Healthy Stuff is Disgusting? They are surely DE-LI-CI-OUS!

Part 2

Well then, after talking about cheap, easy-to-find Healthy stuff that you can buy on the local market, then now We’ll talking about some World Famous Healthy Food! Well, being famous doesn’t always mean highly fatty unhealthy foods. There are lots of delicious and healthy foods out there!

Oh boy, my favorite! Well then let’s begin!

Well well, I assume you guys already know sushi! These delicious food combined raw fish, nori, and rice in a yummy union. The fish is rich in both protein and calcium. Plus fibers, vitamins and Omega 3 inside the nori, this lovely food surely will fill your belly instantly! Why? Because sushi stimulate the production of Leptin, a hormone that makes you full instantly. So when you visit Japan, don’tcha forget to order this lovely dish!

Famous with their slim and sexy girls. And I mean it! XD not because of their strict diet, but the delicious food they eat!

Som Tam
Low fat and high fiber, thanks to the young papaya slices in it. Don’t understate papaya! Papaya rich in fiber that not only good for your digestion system, but also helps prevent colon cancer.

Kao Niao Ma Muang
Means “Mango Sticky Rice”. Rich in carbos, fibers, and also carotenes. You can also eat it as dessert, it also rich in vitamins too.

Strangisto Yaourti
A simple yogurt, actually. But sometimes, simpler is better! Rich in calcium, this is what makes this yogurt perfect for snack! As info, Greek couples usually eat this during their honeymoon :D

(Thanks to for the Information J )

Who said Healthy Stuff is Disgusting? They are surely DE-LI-CI-OUS!

Part 1

Awright! I’m back to blogging! Funny things is; when I was thinking about my next post and got nothing but hunger, then this (hopefully) brilliant Idea came out!

XD happy happy happy, I am so silly!

Ehm, well than, back to business! Today’s post is about foods, Yeah foods! And I bet you guys have favorite food right? Mine’s seafood! Ah well, not this time…
We’ll talk about healthy foods, well I know what’s in your mind; “Healthy stuff smells bad!”, “Leafy things stinks!” Well well, not this time guys, I will share ya a looong list of delicious, healthy and addictive foods! Hey hey don’t stop reading now, as I am also a couch papaya (Lol not potato) so I understand you guys feeling. So I only picked the smurfy ones! Lol

For your convenience I decided to split it by two. This section is about Cheap, Affordable Healthy stuff you can find in a market!, Wait for the Next part!

Here comes the list!

Healthy & Cheap! List of Foods

Canned Salmon
Get your Omega-3's for less. Salmon is full of these healthy fats, which help lower cholesterol and prevent heart attacks. Oh and a tip! To avoid unnecessary fat, you should put all of your canned meat inside fridge for few hours, then when you open it you can scrape the fat inside it easily!

Chicken breasts
Fitness peps favorites! Easy-to-prepare, chicken is full of lean protein, which helps keep you fuller longer. Good for you who want to carve some six packs on your flat/round abs. Like me! Round abs I mean lol.

Natural peanut butter
Everyone loves peanut butter. Skip the sugary, processed varieties and spread the real stuff on whole-grain bread. Throw a tablespoon in smoothies or yogurt, use it as a dip for carrots and pretzels, or mix it with a bit of low-sodium soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic, then thin with water for a quick sauce.

Cheap Cheap cheap! Not just for breakfast, eggs are among the easiest foods to cook. If you're watching your cholesterol, scramble one egg and two egg whites. Add onion and spinach and you've got a great omelet. Remember The yolks is the one who has fat, so feel safe to eat the whites!

Get vitamin E, fiber and protein while satisfying in a crunchy craving! Nuts are rich in an amino acid that could be linked to heart benefits. Chop a few raw ones and throw them on yogurt. Simply delicious for all age!

Fruits and Berries
Throw some in the blender with milk or yogurt for a healthy treat. Frozen berries can be used in oatmeal or drained and baked into muffins and quick breads. Though I prefer fresh Fruit than frozen one :P, Simplest one! Eat Apples! “Rosy flesh and seeded womb” ya got it? No? watch Dan Browns masterpieces.

These yellow fellows packed with juicy benefits! Slice one on your morning yogurt or oatmeal for some added fiber and only 100 calories or so. Snack on a potassium-rich banana to prevent cramps after a workout. As a plus, Bananas also increase vitality of mans.

Don’t just drink the liquid form, eat The Fresh one! Freeze grapes for a decadent, low-calorie dessert or snack. Grapes--especially the dark purple ones--contain plenty of antioxidants that are known to help heart health. But any types of grapes will do the job!.

Mom was right. Carrots are good for your eyes, thanks to the antioxidants, including beta-carotene, in them. (That's what makes them orange!) Dip them in hummus (made from canned beans), natural peanut butter or low-fat dressings, I usually eat them raw. Can’t resist because they are too sweet and crunchy!

Who said Spinach is bitter?! If you don’t like spinach dishes, then your momma wasn’t a great cook! Toss it in omelets, soups, stir-fries and pasta sauces. Spinach is full of vitamins A, C, K, plus fiber and even calcium. Popeye’s love them, so do we!

She is a beautiful, lovely and caring (Indonesian jokes), ditch the bottled and powdered stuff if you want to reap more of the myriad health benefits. Pungent and tasty, garlic can help lower cholesterol and blood clots, plus it can have a small effect on high blood pressure. Crush or chop it to release more of the antioxidants.

Sweet potatoes
My Favorite! Aside from being sweet and delicious, these bright root vegetables are a great source of fiber and antioxidants. Bake, mash or roast them--you'll forget about those other, paler potatoes. We often throw it to the campfire. Ah brings back memories… Ah yeah don’t eat too much, too much calories isn’t good!

Like garlic, her lovely sister, this smelly vegetable is full of health benefits. Onions have been proven to lower risks for certain cancers, and they add flavor with few calories. Try roasting them to bring out their sweetness and cut their harsh edge. (If you well up while cutting them, store onions in the fridge for a tear-free chop.)

Broccoli is like a toothbrush for your insides. Full of fiber, it will provide you vitamins A and C, plus fiber and a host of antioxidants. Broccoli is a superstar in the nutrition world.

Whole-grain pasta
With a nutty flavor and a subtle brown color, whole-wheat pasta perks up any meal. Start with half regular, half whole-wheat pasta, then gradually add more wheat pasta for a burst of fiber and nutrients.

Popcorn kernels
Air-popped popcorn has just 30 calories and a trace of fat. Pop a few cups, spritz with olive oil or butter spray and sprinkle on your favorite seasonings for a guilt-free treat.

Brown rice
Very popular in Indonesia (as we can acquire lots of them, cheaply) Brown rice is a great side dish, but you can also use it to help stretch your ground meat. Mix a cup of cooked rice with 8 ounces of lean ground beef next time you make meatloaf to save 45 calories and five grams of fat (and some money) per serving.  Perfect for you who still in a body shaping process.

Oatmeal is a hearty breakfast of american, but you can also cook sturdy steel-cut oats in chicken broth for a savory side dish. Or, mix oats with ground turkey to stretch your meatballs.

Quarts of low- or fat-free yogurt
Yogurt Yogurt Yogurt, can’t get enough of them! Buy large containers of plain or vanilla yogurt, then add real fruit. You'll save money and calories by not buying fancy single-serve yogurts.

Gallon of skim milk
It really does a body good. Full of calcium and protein, milk can help stretch a meal. Pair an eight-ounce glass with a piece of fruit or a granola bar for a filling snack.

(Thanks for for the List! You rockz!! :D )

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Piracy, a Journey to the Deepest Ocean Of Crime…

Today, we’ll talking about Piracy, a word that so popular among us, especially to bloggers and hackers. Piracy is an activity consisted of steal and robs, acclaiming the properties of another person or organization illegally. Piracy seems to have its glorious century over 100 years ago, when pirates conquered The Great Ocean, and time where enslaving, cannonballs, sexual abuse and also fluffy white wig became popular at that time. Well, thanks to modernization and Navies. Those bloody Pirates glorious day has ended. But their trace and lifestyle still exist until now…

Piracy in Modern Day…

Well basically, piracy can be applied to anything. Starts from a delicious candy bar to some luxurious cruise ships. But unlike the old days, we don’t use Wrecky Ships and eye patch anymore, but using more modern stuff, range from simple rusty crowbar, to hi-tech computers. Looks like the modernization got it dark side huh? Haha.

Nowadays the most common and easiest to find is digital piracy, or usually called as “hacking”. And I believe that 75% of your software are cracked or keygen-ed, because mine’s too! Sadly embarrassing but that’s true. By using simple hacking software, a hacker can crack “paid” software to be “free” one instantly. Truly this helped lot of peoples, but how about the developers? They’ll break for sure. And even that software is protected by law, it will have no use as long as the hackers keep growing and develop more ways to crack it. Pitiful, but kinda cool: D

But now, we’ll talk about a unique piracy, I call it “Identity Piracy”. Basically it happens when an impostor took another person identity and uses it as his own. Purpose? Popularity and Fame my friend. As stupid as it heard, but it’s true. The most common and easy examples can be found inside the social network. Why Social Network? Well, in social network, we don’t have to talk, and chat face 2 face with other people right? Social network mostly only provide a profile picture and simple identity data as a representation of the user, which is can be easily copied and recreated as new user with identical data. Except for the e-mail :D.

Let’s forget about famous person such as actors, actress, celebrities, singer etc. They’ll definitely have lot of fake accounts. Example: go to and type: “Hugh Jackman”, and as you can see the result, over than 1000 accounts listed with same name, similar profile picture, and same info page.  
Now, this is why I said “unique”. I’ve studied some identity piracy cases in Aside from Celebrities, there also a surprisingly lot of fake account from non celebrity victims! Wow, Piracy has influenced to a lower level now. They are normal people: University students, young businessman, teachers, bodybuilders (no kidding!), some sport players, even elementary school children! So what makes they became so popular among impostors? Sadly, fame and popularity, again. Looks like the more friends ya got in a social network, the higher your importance inside that network. Similar like real life huh? Foolishly try to be a celebrity inside network, shameful and stupid thing to do. But sadly, it worked! Almost every impostor accounts I’ve checked, they have more than 1000 friends/followers! So, what happen to the victims? Are they tortured?! Well mentally yes. You’ll also piss off when someone stole your damn photos and using is as their own right?

Okay, now let me show you some of the victims of Identity Piracy in Indonesia. I got lots of them in my list, so I will only put one of them, one of the most famous actually. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Meet Zimmy, one of “The Most Famous Victim of Identity Piracy” in Indonesia. Sorry I dunno his full name, cuz’ there are lots account with different names. Well, probably most of you, Indonesian Facebookers have already seen his face at least once right? Haha. I can tell ya that almost 30% Indonesian Facebookers are impostors. Shame!! XD. so what makes Zimmy became popular among impostors inside

 Help yourself with these photos ‘kay? 

Good Looks, check.

A young businessman I guess, check.

Good body build. Gays and Girls love it, check.

 Another one.

(Courtesy: Zimmy and :D, I really wanna ask for permission, but I dunno which one is the real account :P ah well.. May God Forgive Me :P)

UPDATE: Finally got the permission! XD Thanks a lot to The Real Zimmy for the permission!

Well then, have you got the answer yet? Hehe.

Further investigation indicated that most of Zimmy’s Impostor accounts are 98% Gay 0_0 .
 Wew very surprising isn’t? Ha-ha, no. Seems that Homosexuals these days, prefer stealing other people’s identity to attract crowds and gaining popularity. Some stupid thing to do, I guess the day when truth and royalty has ended huh? And the Mayan’s prophecy’s gonna be true for sure..

So, which kind of peoples who can be a potential victim of this piracy?
Well, glad ya asked, after some investigation on this case for months, I can give ya some hints;

Characteristic of people who have HIGH possibilities of being pirated:

1.     1.  The potential victim is a person with attractive looks aka handsome or beautiful face, typical young person. Usually around age 20 – 28 Years old.

2.      2. College students, Young Businessman, a model, or sport player or any occupation that involves hanging out and attractive other than public figures.

3.      3The person is (pardon me) “mixed” or “Blasteran”. Usually between Indo-American and so. Indonesian gays and girls nowadays love with blasteran peoples. They say, “wanna fix their generations” hehe. Indonesian jokes.

4.     4.  The person often/always active in a social network. A common knowledge again.

5.     5.  A high piracy possibility to account with lots of uploaded photos. (The more photos you uploaded about you, the more peoples think that your account is real, and of course, made you more popular. Common knowledge)

6.       6. The person have uploaded lots of photos of themselves in some “sexy” pose (The males bare-chested and the females in bikini and so, you got the general idea). A photo or two is fine, but if you made 2-5 albums with your “Half-nude” photos inside, your potential of being pirated, even hacked is higher.

7.     7.  Etc.

Well, that just some of them, if I make a list, it will take a whole week. Sorry for the inconvenience again.

Oouukay! We already talked about the possibilities of the victim, now we’ll move to the important things! How to Differ and examine the impostor accounts! Let me tell ya, it’s damn difficult. But after studying the pattern of more than 30 impostor accounts. Well we got the pattern! it may be not much, but well, I tried. Hope it helps!

Characteristic of Impostor account:

1.    1.   The impostor usually  using account names that include unusual names, like: Cute, Chibi, Macho, Hunk, etc. The purpose is to attract other user to visit their profile page, example: “Agus Macho”, from this account name suggest that he is a masculine hunk, so other user will find this interesting and visit his profile & later add/follow him. But they don’t know what his face like.

2.      2. Their profile picture uses an attractive victim photos. In most impostor male accounts, they usually use a photo of the victim bare-chested or even almost naked (got the general idea?). The idea is to show that they are sexy and attractive :P. This is why victim with attractive body usually got pirated.

3.      3. They only provide a little information about themselves on the info page. They usually didn’t provide a biography (or just short ones), workplace, and even their city. To avoid being traced I guess. But this is what makes them easily to detect. Pay attention to this!

4.      4. If you are being friend with them, they usually won’t chat or reply your comment or post. Usually they only put a status or tweet or anything you called (like, “I’m alone, want a company”), and wait to see lots of comments growing on it. They RARELY reply your comment.  Again to avoid being detected. But not to say everyone who doesn’t wanna chat with you is impostor. No no no,(probably they just can’t stand with your breath haha, bad joke).

5.      5. Inside their account. They uploaded lots of albums that showed their attractiveness. (Bare-chested, swimsuit photos, bikinis you got the general idea). Again to say, victim who uploaded their “attractiveness” photos are in High potential of being pirated.
When you comment “What a nice body!” or “You are so sexy, babe I want you” then they’ll reply. But if you ask “Is this really you?” or even “Your photos are all fake! They were belonging to my friend!” they won’t comment, or even delete your comment. To avoid being detected I guess.

Note: This happens to me a LOT of times. I ended being blocked by them. Haha

6.    6.   Etc.

Well then, we already talked about The Identity Piracy, The possibilities of which account mostly being pirated, How to recognize impostors, and then now, How to prevent this. Well then, fire it away!

How to Prevent Identity Piracy:

1.     1,  Water is the source of life, and Watermark is your source of savior! By putting a semi-transparent or bold (For safety) Watermark can prevent this abomination. Those damn fool impostors can’t erase watermark easily right? Use your unique word that represent you, again NOT NAMES. Names can easily be copied, use your e-mail address instead. Put the watermark on a place that makes impossible to impostor to erase or crop. Do not put watermark on top, side, or bottom of your photos, as they can easily crop the watermark. Put it around faces, shirt or so. Thanks to Zimmy for the inspiration!
2.      Your E-mail is your fingerprint. It means cannot be faked, and of course cannot be copied. As you can see, you never be able to create same e-mail address twice. No no sir, except if you use different mail service. Example: your e-mail address is, and then you can’t create another ilovepeanut account in gmail. But another person can use different mail service (Ymail for example) to impose yours. and are similar, but impostor can use simple trick to impose it like: Almost similar right? Then one way to stop it is “Use your E-Mail Address as Watermark for your photos” it’s simple, easy and safe.

3.   2.   Do not put too much unnecessary information to your info page. To avoid being pirated, and to avoid mass wave of impostors, and of course uninvited guests to your house.

4.      3. Do not upload your “attractive” Photos too much. An album or two of watermarked photos is fine, but if you wanna uploaded lots of them, better armed them with watermark of your e-mail address. Again place the watermark on a place where it’s impossible to crop or erase.

5.      4Forge an alliance! Your friends will always here for ya. Be kind to other peoples, if they post something, comment it, have lots of chat, and like like like. Doing this will prove you are real person and gained allies. So if you sight an Impostor account using your photos, you can ask your friends to report it. Remember two is better than one, but 2000 is better than two.

6.    5.  Poison or Honey? Pick your friends carefully. When you accept a friend request, check if they are good friend, if their info page provide some unusual info, or if their photos is fake (Using another person photo), don’t accept them! Making them as your friends also mean welcoming them to scouted and steal your photos. If they have mutual friends with you, ask the mutual friend if he/she is trustable. Checking them one by one when you have 30+ Friend request is pain in the ass, but if you already armed ALL of your photos with watermark, you can lower your guard a little.

7.    6.   Etc etc etc. Use your creativity and intelligence, I already showed you the ropes, now you have to climb. Sorry for the inconvenience

Well then, that’s concluding our talk about piracy! Wew, it’s a hard thing to write this article ya know. Hope this little writing of mine will help all of you who in trouble J afterall, helping peoples is fun XD.

Ah yeah, if you have any problem, concern, question, suggestion, critic, or you don’t wanna your photos to be displayed in this article, contact me RIGHT AWAY, (I’ll delete it only if you can Prove you are the real person ) to my facebook (

As closing I will show you a great masterpiece of Zimmy’s Sketch by Great Artist Julian Kiba! Thanks Julian, You are the best! XD. and also some other photos from “The Most Famous Victim of Identity Piracy” in Indonesia. I’m sure their faces are familiar to you!

Have a nice day! Wait for the next post!

“Zimmy in Sketches”

Thanks Julian XD

“The Most Famous Victim of Identity Piracy” 

(No Names included, as there are many accounts with same photos with different names)

Smile for The Future :)

Disclaimer: All of the photos belong to their respective owner, there is no intend to make profit from them or claim of the properties of the photos in any way.