Saturday, March 31, 2012

Who said Healthy Stuff is Disgusting? They are surely DE-LI-CI-OUS!

Part 2

Well then, after talking about cheap, easy-to-find Healthy stuff that you can buy on the local market, then now We’ll talking about some World Famous Healthy Food! Well, being famous doesn’t always mean highly fatty unhealthy foods. There are lots of delicious and healthy foods out there!

Oh boy, my favorite! Well then let’s begin!

Well well, I assume you guys already know sushi! These delicious food combined raw fish, nori, and rice in a yummy union. The fish is rich in both protein and calcium. Plus fibers, vitamins and Omega 3 inside the nori, this lovely food surely will fill your belly instantly! Why? Because sushi stimulate the production of Leptin, a hormone that makes you full instantly. So when you visit Japan, don’tcha forget to order this lovely dish!

Famous with their slim and sexy girls. And I mean it! XD not because of their strict diet, but the delicious food they eat!

Som Tam
Low fat and high fiber, thanks to the young papaya slices in it. Don’t understate papaya! Papaya rich in fiber that not only good for your digestion system, but also helps prevent colon cancer.

Kao Niao Ma Muang
Means “Mango Sticky Rice”. Rich in carbos, fibers, and also carotenes. You can also eat it as dessert, it also rich in vitamins too.

Strangisto Yaourti
A simple yogurt, actually. But sometimes, simpler is better! Rich in calcium, this is what makes this yogurt perfect for snack! As info, Greek couples usually eat this during their honeymoon :D

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