Thursday, November 8, 2012

My New Addiction of Game: AMC & RockYou Present; The Walking Dead Social Game

The title says all, ha-ha. For you The Walking Dead Fans out there must already know this game right? Directly adopted from the TV version, The Walking Dead Social Game brings you to join Shane, Greg, Kara and companies to explore the zombie-infested areas, gather supplies to survive, and kill walkers in a cool way! For you who want to play this game right away, CLICK HERE

Well then, for you who don’t know about this game, then allow me to explain!

The Walking Dead Social Game is a Facebook site game which was scheduled to be released in April, 2012, but was released on August 9, 2012. The game allows players (that’s you), to have their own adventures, with opportunities to encounter show characters at key moments suggested by the show’s narrative. The goal of the game is to survive the apocalypse by fighting zombies while scavenging resources and establishing camps based on settings from the show.

The game itself divided in Chapters. The Prequel Chapter is the one you begin with (Chapter 1). Chapter 2 was released on October 13, 2012 with several new features .It introduced full-screen, new weapons, and more. Also morale and intel was removed from the game. In order to play a camp task now, you must have between 6 to 12 energy and a certain amount of supplies. However, Chapter 2 Missions vary in energy cost and in supply amount. With the new energy update, you can now kill walkers and pick up supplies without energy. There are now NPC's in the actual missions and new indoor and outdoor missions. Along with indoor and outdoor missions, you can play in several maps for just 1 mission. Such as Mission 2 - Meet Glenn. You start out in the city streets. Then you go into the parking lot by going over to the end of the road.

Only half of the Chapter 2 Missions were released. It is a good speculation that the second half of Chapter 2 will be released on the Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead TV Series Season 3.

To play Chapter 3 however, we have to wait. Chapter 3 will most likely be released once The Walking Dead TV Series Season 3 comes back on in winter of 2013 after their Mid-Season Break.

Well then let’s move to the gameplay; the gameplay is pretty simple. Just like other “Energy-Based Game” like Farmville, or The Sims Social (Yeah I know, its sucks). The player given role as a survivor, to…well... survive. Gathering supplies, protecting the camp and destroy walkers on the way are your basic mission. Walking from one area to other is easier now, now without cost of energy. When you face the walker, you got two options, run from them, or engage in a fight. Once fight command selected, a crosshair is displayed, you have to click in the right moment or your attack end in a clean miss! Then the walkers attack you, depleting your health. If your health reach zero, it’s GAME OVER! No, don’t worry; you’ll just have to replay the mission Again, there is no Game Over in this game. After you successfully finish a mission, you earn one skill point. You can distribute them to upgrade your character. 

Gameplay Video ( Thanks to for the video)

In some story mission, you can fight alongside your favorite character form the TV series. And if you want some nifty weapons, you can use your dollars (yes we talking about REAL money) to buy them via TV Items in Supplies section. Guaranteed easier, and more fun to use.

Talking about music, the music in The Walking Dead Social Game has been revised for more horror atmosphere. The breath-taking music and sound effect from gun shots, baseball smash to dying scream makes you really be on the game.

But one of the coolest aspects of this social game is the fact that, due to RockYou’s partnership with AMC, they’re actually able to add to the lore of the show. You’ll start off the game with Shane and Lori and meet T-Dog and Morgan too. But you’ll also meet a character in the game pre-transformation who we’ve only seen on the TV show as a Walker. And you’ll find out how they met their fate. “If you saw the webisodes about Bicycle Girl the then you know how this works,” Griffin explained. “We’re taking that same approach. And we’re sprinkling it throughout. And while we still want the game to be about going through the chapters, we’re going to keep that idea going - where you’ll keep meeting some of the key Walkers from the show before they turned. And you might even actually be a part of why or how they became a Walker. It’ll be interesting, with this first chapter, to see how quickly the users will pick up on which character is actually a future Walker on the show in Season 1 when they’re in the camp with them. So we do have a chance to contribute to the lore of the show in that way.”

So let’s just rate the game, shall we?

1.      Cool graphic for flash-based game, The 3D effect makes the game more fun to play also added the horror effect to gameplay.
2.      Interact with character from the original TV series. It’s getting into RPG’s…
3.      Breath-taking music and sound effect, Thanks to RockYou for this.
4.      Synchronization between game with the TV version. This way, you can experience what the other survivor’ dealing with in the TV version. Really Cool!
5.      Dynamic gameplay, combining turn-based action with classic strategy game. Either run or fight the walkers, it’s up to you.

      1. Energy-Based gameplay, which is sucks to us. We don’t need another “Farmville” game 
          style in here. They should allow us to do things without energy limit.

      2. Premium Items; they are every gamers Dream and nightmare. It would be cool if they give  
    us another option to get them without paying the money.
    3. It still in Beta version, which we expecting lots of bugs during gameplay, so don’t smash your screen when your game is suddenly crashed or lag.

Well, I guess that’s all I can write, you can agree with it or not, your choice. Just play the game and tell the developer about it, for myself, they gotta remove that damn energy-thing. That should do it fine. Don’t forget to add me to your buddy list!

Happy Playing! And Stay Alive!

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