Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hehe Hey guys welcome to my first blog so it`s still empty all over hahaha

 Oh my pardon me guys,where`s my manner? let me introduce myself first `kay?
Haha let`s begin!
About Me:

* First, my name`s Yoga, well I got many alias `round the cyberspace so maybe you know me through these names:

       * A***e Yoga H*****i
       * Yoga Redfield
       * Yoga Lionheart
       * James Yoga Redfield Lionheart

So if you found that names seems familiar to you, then you musta already know me haha

* Then what`s next? ah yeah,
I born on Monday 4th July 1994 so that`s mean I`m 16 years old now still young but already have some white hair on my head haha. Next July I`ll be 17 years old, so prepare your money to wrap some cool stuff for me!

* I have 2 big families, one in Real Life and the other one in Cyberspace 
   So that`s mean I have almost over 1000+ brothers and sisters haha

* First thing, I`m a Muslim and I'm proud of it. Well that`s doesn`t mean that I don`t care you guys from other religion, don`tcha worry, me always open the big door for you guys so feel free to have fun `round here

* Next one, I live in Indonesia, to be more precisely i live in Yogyakarta Indonesia, one of the famous city in Indonesia,  well they call Yogyakarta "City of Student" but most of us aren`t smart at all especially me haha.

*My hobbies? well let me tell ya some:
 - Eating something healthy like fruit, or raw vegetables ( BUT I`m not a herbivore `kay? )
 - Exercise, Yea this one is my favorite stuff !! because I think that a Man should have at least a firm body,                         not fat or something like that beside that, a muscular body helps you get your date right? haha

 Well that`s enough `bout me, if ya need anything feel free 2 ask

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